Kids 7-inch Tablet Quat Core 4 GB+64 GB Tv Buetooth Wi-Fi Kids Children's gaming tablet PC

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Color: Orange
Bundle: Add 64GB TF card
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Kids 7-inch Tablet Quad Core 4GB+64GB TV Bluetooth Wi-Fi Kids Children's Gaming Tablet PC

Key Features:

  • Quad Core Processor
  • 7-inch Display
  • 64GB Storage Capacity
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Dual Cameras
  • Kids' Gaming Tablet
  • Android 9.0 Operating System
  • Long Battery Life
  • Multi-language Support


  • Enhanced Performance with Quad Core Processor
  • Ample Storage Space for Apps, Games, and Content
  • Entertainment on-the-go with TV and Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Engaging Gaming Experience for Kids
  • High-resolution Display for Clear Visuals
  • Easy Connectivity through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Capture Memorable Moments with Dual Cameras
  • User-friendly Android Interface
  • Portable and Lightweight Design for Children
  • Long-lasting Battery for Extended Use

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  10. TV

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Color: Orange
Bundle: Add 64GB TF card
Ships From: CHINA

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