KINHANK Super Console 500G Gaming HDD 100000 Video Games 70 Emulators For DC/MAME/SS/NAOMI/PS2/PS1 Plug and Play Batocera OS

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Color: 500g


Brand Name: KINHANK

Games included: 100000 +

Supporting Language: japanese

Supporting Language: French

Supporting Language: German

Supporting Language: Italian

Supporting Language: Spanish

Supporting Language: Portuguese

Supporting Language: Russian

Supporting Language: English

Supporting Language: SWEDISH

Supporting Language: POLISH

Supporting Language: Greek

Supporting Language: Turkish

Supporting Language: KOREAN

Supporting Language: Dutch

Supporting Language: Latin American Spanish

Supporting Language: Brazilian Portuguese

Supporting Language: Simplified Chinese

Supporting Language: Traditional Chinese Style

Supporting Language: Ukrainiaan

Package: Yes

Operating System: Batocera 33

Category: Video Game Console

KINHANK Model: X-500G

Type of devices: Other

Bluetooth-compatible: No

Origin: Mainland China

Weight: 182g

Wi-fi: YES

Video Game Controller included: No

Choice: yes

• High Storage Capacity :The KINHANK Super Console 500G Gaming HDD boasts a massive storage capacity of 500G, allowing you to store up to 100000 video games and 70 emulators.

• Versatile Compatibility :This gaming console is compatible with a wide range of systems including DC/MAME/SS/NAOMI/PS2/PS1, ensuring a diverse gaming experience.

• Plug and Play Feature :With its Batocera OS, this gaming console offers a seamless and convenient play experience, eliminating the need for manual setup.

• Multilingual Support :The console supports Ukrainian, catering to a global audience of gamers who appreciate the ability to enjoy their favorite games in their native language.

• Robust Operating System :Powered by Batocera 33, this gaming console ensures reliable performance and stability, enhancing your gaming experience.

★Main Features

• Size: 120mm * 77mm * 15mm
•Capacity: 500GB
•Form factor: 2.5 inches
• Interface: USB 3.0 interface
•Support system: windows7/8/10/11 & Mac OS & Linux

NOTICE: This hard drive will only work with X86 hardware(32bit or 64bit), any ARM-based device(Windows Surface series, Mac with power PC CPU, or M1 M2 CPU) will not work.

◉Support 110000+ Classic Games & 5000+3D games

Support 110000+ games and 70+ emulators. The game is rich in content and worth the money!

Note: The running effect of PS2 and other 3D games is closely related to the performance of your computer. The better the performance of the computer, the smoother the game.

◉How to use it?

1. Connect the portable hard drive to the USB port on your PC or Mac when it’s off, a USB 3.0 port is recommended.

2. After pressing the power button, keep tapping ESC or Delete on your keyboard(wired or 2.4g wireless Keyboard, BT keyboard does not work) to enter BIOS. For Mac users, simply hold Option and choose the portable hard drive to boot into.

3. By choosing the hard drive in the boot override option, your PC will boot into Batocera for once, after restarting it will get back to your operating system. If you would like Batocera as the default booting option, go to the boot page and set the portable hard drive as boot option #1.

4. save and restart.

◉USB 3.0, The Fastest Transfer Speed

The USB 3.0 read and write speed has been greatly improved, escorting the gaming experience. The fast transfer speed makes the game data transfer faster and the game runs more smoothly. With the perfect Batocera system, it runs PS3/PS2/PSP/DC/SS/N64 more smoothly.

◉High Compatibility

Compatible with Windows XP、Windows Vista, Win7-10/Mac OS 10.2 and above. Turn your old computer into a game console.

◉Frosted Design, Mini Size

Easy to carry, easy to fight.

◉Adding games is easy

You can directly add the roms file of the game to the hard disk, update the game list, and the game is added.

◉Support 20+languages

Batocera 33 system has built-in 26 languages, including English, French, Spanish, and Japanese. German. Arabic etc. You can switch freely in the system settings without worrying about language barriers.

◉What's in the package?

500GB HDD*1
USB3.0 Cable*1
User manual*1


1. Why can't I enter the game system after connecting to my computer?

All products have been tested, if you have any problems please check your computer settings

First, please connect the hard drive to the USB 3.0 interface, and then turn off the computer's secure boot option. The steps are as follows:

Enter the BIOS setup interface. Select “Secure Boot” press“ Enter” to confirm, and select “Disable ”in the pop-up window. After selection, press the ”enter“ key to confirm, and press the F10 key to save and exit.

2. Why can't some games be opened?

Since this system has a large number of emulators and games, there are many emulator cores built in. This problem is due to the game matching the wrong emulator core. You can replace the emulator core in the game menu to solve this problem.

Press and hold the A button, select "Advanced Game Settings" and change the emulator.

3. Why do some games run slowly?

The smoothness of the game is related to the configuration of your computer. The better the computer performance, the smoother the game will run.

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Color: 500g

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