Lenovo ProMax Aerial Photography Drone: High-End 8K Gear

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Style: Grey Dual 4K-1B

Lenovo ProMax Aerial Photography Drone: High-End 8K Gear

Key Features:

  • Capture stunning 8K videos and photos with dual HD cameras
  • GPS and WiFi Connectivity for precise navigation
  • Brushless Drone Technology with advanced 816 Brushless Motors
  • Compact and Portable Design with foldable body
  • Extended Flight Time up to 46 minutes
  • Remote Control Functionality with multiple features
  • Adjustable camera angles, 8K video recording, and high-resolution photos


  • Unrivaled clarity in aerial photography
  • Enhanced flying experience with precise navigation
  • Efficient and powerful performance
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • Longer flight time for extended usage
  • Effortless control for smooth operation
  • Breathtaking aerial shots with high-quality video and photos


Professional-grade drone for enthusiasts and experts in aerial photography.


Ideal for capturing high-quality aerial footage with advanced features.

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Style: Grey Dual 4K-1B

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