SF666R RGB Gaming Mic: Pro Podcasting & Streaming Solution

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SF666R RGB Gaming Mic: Pro Podcasting & Streaming Solution

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Sound Recording: Ensures exceptional sound quality for podcasts, gaming, and streaming.
  • RGB Lighting Feature: Enhances gaming or streaming setup with captivating RGB lighting.
  • Tabletop Design: Convenient design for easy desktop recording or streaming.
  • S-Mall Diaphragm: Equipped for precise sound capture.
  • Podcast Recording: Ideal for high-quality podcast recording sessions.
  • Studio Streaming: Perfect for professional studio streaming applications.
  • Laptop Desktop PC Compatibility: Compatible with laptops and desktop PCs.
  • Condenser Microphone: Ensures top-notch recording and streaming performance.
  • Optimal Sensitivity: Sensitivity of -30dB+3dB for clear and crisp sound capture.
  • Omni-Directionality: Omnidirectional microphone for versatile recording options.

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Style: black

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