USB Hub Multi-Port Splitter: Efficiently Expand Connectivity

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USB Hub Multi-Port Splitter: Efficiently Expand Connectivity

Product Essence

  • USB 2.0 Hub for effortless expansion of USB ports.

Key Features

  • Effortless Expansion: Instantly add 4 or 7 additional USB ports.
  • High-Speed Connectivity: Efficient data transfer with USB 2.0 technology.
  • Convenient Switch: Control ports individually with the built-in switch.
  • Power Adapter Included: Stable power supply for all connected devices.
  • Compact Design: Perfect for home, office, or travel use.


  • Efficient Data Transfer: Enjoy high-speed connectivity for seamless file transfers.
  • Easy Expansion: Add multiple USB ports effortlessly for enhanced connectivity.
  • Convenient Power Supply: Ensure stable power for all your devices.
  • Portable: Compact design with a 30cm cable for flexibility in usage.


  • Ideal for users looking to expand their USB connectivity with ease and efficiency.


The USB 2.0 Hub Multi-Port Splitter with Power Adapter allows seamless addition of multiple USB ports with high-speed data transfer capabilities.

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Style: As the picture show

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