Wireless RGB Bluetooth Gaming Mouse: Ultimate Freedom & Style

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Wireless RGB Bluetooth Gaming Mouse: Ultimate Freedom & Style

Key Features:

  • Wireless Connectivity: Enjoy the convenience of Bluetooth compatibility.
  • RGB LED Backlit: Customizable lighting for a colorful experience.
  • Rechargeable: Eliminates the need for constant battery changes.
  • Ergonomic Design: Comfortable and efficient, reducing strain during extended use.
  • High DPI: 3600 DPI for precision in gaming and work tasks.


  • Experience ultimate freedom with wireless connectivity.
  • Immerse yourself in a world of colors with RGB LED lighting.
  • Say goodbye to battery changes with the rechargeable feature.
  • Comfortably game or work for long hours with the ergonomic design.
  • Enhanced precision and accuracy with 3600 DPI functionality.


  • Ultimate freedom and style for gaming enthusiasts.
  • Customizable RGB lighting adds flair to your setup.
  • Efficient and comfortable design for extended usage.

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Style: White

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